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Information & Proposal Request

For any new deck or pergola project, we will need a copy of your property survey faxed or emailed to us, prior to our initial meeting. This is to determine what your town will allow us to build, before time goes into design, budget and planning. We will find out what your rear and side setback requirements are, as well as to determine if your lot has any "impervious coverage" rules we need to follow and calculate. Please email to  , or fax to (877)88-DECKS (877-883-3257)

Deck remodels that will remain the same size and shape do not need zoning approval most of the time, but still usually require a copy of the survey to show the town the structure exists.

If you do not have a property survey, you need to get one prior to planning any new deck project, we can recommend someone to do this service for you, if needed.

Please include the following in your email:  
  • Name, Address, and best phone number to reach you.
  • Describe what you would like done. (i.e. deck, incl. approx. size, etc.)
  • Does your project require a staircase or multiple staircases?
  • Approx. height above grade (ground level)
  • Materials you might want to use for decking, railings, etc.
  • Confirm if you have a property survey, or not
  • Indicate a budget range you may have.
  • Let me know how soon you are looking to have your project completed.
  • Are you considering any 3D renderings for your project? (see below)

I will follow up to ask for any further info that may be helpful, and to schedule a day and time convenient for you to meet and allow me to take all needed measurements, as well as any and all notes about what you would like to incorporate into your design and construction.  Thank you for your interest!, Joe

3D Project Renderings

Average project renderings start at a base price of $250, and is credited back into your final payment, should you use us to complete your project.
They include an online photo gallery of 30-40 pictures of your project, shown from many angles, and with close-ups of important details. 
This gallery can be used to fine tune your desires and selections, and can be shared with family and friends for their opinion, or with other builders, to obtain construction bids based on like features and details.
*Pricing for renderings based on 4 (estimated) hours to design and render your color gallery.

3D Examples HERE
See past renderings for client's we serviced.
3D Examples HERE
To receive an emailed price quote without me visiting,
please send me an email with
your survey, and a digital picture of the back of your home.
Also include some plans, or even a hand drawing to give
me some idea of what you want to see built.
These give us a great deal of information to more accurately
provide you a budget range.